Sunday, June 14, 2009

my last and final

I cant believe that it's done. although not exactly done, but my final and showcase had taken place. now it is the way to a new chapter.
I felt sad, happy, thrill, sweet, sour, butterflies in my stomach, all at the same time. it is so touching how when I look at each and everyone of them and think that this is going to end so very soon. how much I adore each and everyone of those in the showcase together with myself.
no words cant ever describe how thankful I am being able to be together with you guys throughout the whole progress. we made it guys! we really made it! and I wish you all well and all the very best in the coming future. at a point, I would think that I would never want to part from this, but it will be impossible.
and now.. we are able to officially call ourselves graphic designer.
thank you for everything. and I love you all.


The full team.

moi darling chong.



Saturday, May 23, 2009


yelloo.... today is a good day..because 1st!I didnt do any work.. 2nd!my shoes from sg finally reached... hahahahha.. I bought it online from my friend's shop

It was as I expected, the quality of the stuff is nice,its a cute and comfortable ballerina flats. but probably not really worth the price I paid. but oh well..I was trying out online shopping though. so it was overall okay..

mind the bad pictures looks better in real..
hahahha.. a hint for "I want a new digicam"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

turning 22

people... i'm 22.. n on my way to oldism..
i've nothing much to say beside that this is my last current semester, my last current semester where me and my friends will be together, (now i actually regret a bit coz i never gave speech last nite) ;P
well.. never ever could say how much all these 4 years have meant to me.. and thinking that it's gonna end soon leave a hole in moi heart.. :")

thanks guys.. for everything.


ps; i'll have the pictures post later on.. hehehe. and to my darling chong..i love the blogpost.. thankyuu.. u made me wanna cry.. hiks~

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Remember my last blog? about kernel panic. here's the very detail story about it , until now...

The second I reached my apartment after my semester break, I put down my stuff and then I was off to mac centre. The nearest was in Sunway pyramid, it wasn’t the service centre but I had no choice but to try. There then I met this annoying thinks-he-knows-it-all-better-than-anyone guy who told me the only choice was to format my laptop, therefore I had no choice and then I told him to format for me. But then I had to pay Rm150 for the service because service was not a part of the warranty terms and conditions. I was already pissed off with him then I didn’t leave it there to format, I then asked Carmen to help me format my laptop because she did it before. Once we were home, directly went on business, inserted CD and all but BOOM! I couldn’t format, because everytime I tried, the Kernel Panic thing would popped out and ruined everything. I was devastated! Then I decided to go to the service centre in KLCC the next day. We went to KLCC and asked for help, I was in no mood at all already. Then the guy in the mac centre told me that I had to leave my laptop therefore they can check and then I would be informed with any kind of information regarding my mac’s condition. I had no choice but to leave it and went home. Luckily that week wasn’t that busy yet, I can still manage to coop with my work afterwards. I was waiting and waiting for the confirmation of my laptop throughout the week, I felt lost during the time because I seemed to have nowhere to go to, if I was home I couldn’t really do anything, then I was always not at home. There’s a part of me where I felt like there was no purpose of me going home to, it was just so devastated.

Then a few days later, I got a call from the mac centre that said my laptop would be ready by the weekend and they were then fixing it with no serious problem. I don’t care that I have to pay Rm150 for the service as long as my laptop comes back in one piece I would be fine. This whole two weeks have been a disaster with that problem so I am really glad that it is finally fixed.

I went to KLCC to pick up my laptop, before I took it back of course I tried it out first. It was absolutely brand new again because they had reformatted it and it was then the standard macbook like when I first bought it. I was relieved that the kernel panic nightmare was finally over and I could get back to work as soon as possible although I still had some adjusting to do about the installation of the software and all.

I took it back on that Saturday, I was home quite late because we were out until dinner time from KL. I reached home and I turned my laptop on. First it was fine, everything went smoothly and I was adjusting my spacing, profile, dock, and the tool bar. And then BOOM!! The kernel panic table came out AGAIN!!!! I was speechless, seriously I didn’t know what to say or do or react or what so ever should I feel. I just broke down, I broke down hard. If the thing just came out again after reformatting, so meaning it wasn’t fixed. I was furious! I think if the mac guy was in front of me I would literally smack him and yelled at him what the hell have you been doing for the pass week??!!! Can you imagine how frustrating that was? I didn’t even know what to do seriously. During that moment it was only silence and I wasn’t overreacting about the whole situation.

The very next day, early morning I called to the mac centre in KLCC and I asked for the guy. Then the sales guy told me that the service was closed on Sunday then I would have to go back only on Monday. Enough said, I just waited until the next day. On Monday, I went there alone early morning after they opened the store. I went back and told the guy the same problem and I was meant to be angry at him actually, but he was so nice and so helpful I just couldn’t let myself scolding him and also if my laptop would be kept there again I would have to be nicer or else who knows what would happen. Then I told him about the kernel panic and then he checked it for me, but everything was fine! See.. exactly how frustrating that could be. When it was with me it turned error, but then when it was supposed to be fixed it stayed fine all the way. But it only lasted for an hour ( at least half an hour longer than the last time I tried back home ). Then the guy said I would have to leave it again and he said it was most probably the mother board. That time I was already asking for a full warranty exchange of a new macbook, but he said he couldn’t do that because I had nearly have it with me for a year and it’s full hardware warranty only. I don’t know how that works but I was just too damn lazy and too damn tired to argue about that. I don’t care I just want it to be fixed. End of story.

And for the next upcoming thing. people said third time's a charm! BULLSH*T!! can u imagine having to go back to the same place 3 times and your mac is still not fixed??!!! I called, I really called AGAIN! and this time he guarantee that it is fixed, because they had already changed the motherboard (yeah! note: THE MOTHER BOARD) so it's supposed to be a brand new laptop already then. Alright, I went again! hope to pick it up and gladly switching back to my own laptop. When I was about to pick it up, I again tried it 1st. then I pressed the power button. Right before the icons came out, JRENG!!!! can you imagine for the 3rd time I had it fixed and it kept coming back? exactly!!!! I WAS TOO PISSED TO EVEN TALK! the guy was apologizing. I don't need his apology, I just want him to change a new one for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but he said it's impossible, and we had some arguments for a while, in the end I think I was too tired to even feel a thing. I'm letting my mom bringing it back to Indo where I bought it in the 1st place. and IF the people in Indo can fixed it and the problem is only a small part, I would go back and smack the guy on the face, seriously!!



Thursday, April 16, 2009

kernel panic!!

my mackie is having this problem that I hv no idea how to solve.. I am not a technology person ok!how the hell Im supposed to solve this Kernel Panic thingy??!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

3mins pause

I am thiiisss close to throw my stuff.. my goodness!! what on earth am I thinking.. I JUST COULDN'T focus... even if the slightest thing goes wrong, I'll feel like crap that very instance!!
All the smells from the kitchen went in my room, and now my mood is room smells like scramble egg. great!!! I get annoyed easily at times like offense!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........ I hate hate hate writing.for this moment I really do.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

vote earth!

I just want to share this link with you.. There's really no word to describe though.. I was really touched when I saw it..

;) enjoy!

ps; I was just wondering, where the hell was klcc?
& happy April fool.